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Goin' Stompin' Western Dancers

Line Dancing in Sheffield & South Yorkshire


You don't need a New Year Resolution to come line dancing!


Beginner classes

7pm-8pm. Only £2.

(Just turn up - no enrolment needed)


Easy Intermediate classes




N.B. There will be a

£4 combined charge for both sessions from 2018


N.B. There are no classes at Half Term (i.e. Fri 23 February) due to the Panto

Dances Taught

Here are the dances taught recently (with a few comments)

2018 - Beginners


Ruby Ruby



Old Solders

Saloon Scissors Stomp

One Step Forward

Little Rhumba

California Freeze

2018 - Main Class


Goodbye For Now. 32-count, 4-wall, Easy-ish dance by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane to the track by Jaunes. Lovely music. May be too many turns for the beginners.

All The King's Horses. , 4-wall, Intermediate dance by Peter & Alison. No tags or re-starts but quite a few turns. Looks like being popular with the country artists.


Down On Your Uppers. 32-count, 4-wall, Easy dance by Gary O'Reilly to the track by Derek Ryan.

Cards On The Table. 32-count, 4-wall, Improver Dance by Maggie Gallagher to I'll Name the Dogs by Blake Shelton. 1 easy tag & 1 re-start.

Forget-Me-Not. 64-count, 4-wall Intermediate Dance by Pat Stott. 1 very easy re-start. It's to a lovely track by Ronnie Milsap: No Getting Over Me.


New Absolute Beginners Class 2017

22/9 -27/10 (part 1 - 6 weeks): Texas Stomp, California Freeze, Cowgirls Twist, One Step Forward, Blue Rose Is, Cowboy Strut, 1st Time Waltz.

10/11-8/12 (part 2 - 5 weeks): County Line, Back Track, Stroll Along Cha Cha, Hooked on County, Dreaming


December: no new dances this month, just walk throughs and re-caps of those we've already done.

November: Countryholic. Hell & High Water. + Oldie: Fields of Gold

October: Ride Away. Imagine That. + Oldie They Call Me the Breeze.

September: Roots.

August: Things. Ice Cold Corona.

July: Old & Grey. Lonely Drum + Oldies: Yolanda, A Love Worth Waiting 4

June: Angel on my Shoulder. Left In The Dark.+Oldies: Hands On My Heart, Rumba Ride.

May: Rose From The Sea. +Oldies: Ain't Goin' Down, Por Ti Sere, Jamaica Mistaka, and Side By Side.

April: Water Off a Duck's Back. Champagne Promise. + Oldie: Walking Away

March: Bored. Carnival Ride. Dans Le Tango. +Oldies: Messed Up In Memphis, Take A Breather, Woman Trouble

February: Missing.

January: American Kids. Lay Down & Dance. +Oldies: Cabo San Lucas; Loose Boots

Last updated 9 February 2018