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Dances Taught

Here are the dances taught recently (with a few comments)

2018 - Beginners


Stroll Along Cha Cha

This & That


Blue Rose Is

Ruby Ruby



Old Solders

Saloon Scissors Stomp

One Step Forward

Little Rhumba

California Freeze

2018 - Main Class

March: (+ recap of all dances taught so far)

Stumbling In. 32-count, 4-wall, Beginner dance (with 2 re-starts) by Tina Argyle to the new track by Paul Bailey & Kelly McCall. Also fits to the original by Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro, although it's a quick start. Nice trip down memory lane for many in my class. LOL.


Goodbye For Now. 32-count, 4-wall, Easy-ish dance by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane to the track by Jaunes. Lovely music. May be too many turns for the beginners.

All The King's Horses. , 4-wall, Intermediate dance by Peter & Alison. No tags or re-starts but quite a few turns. Looks like being popular with the country artists.


Down On Your Uppers. 32-count, 4-wall, Easy dance by Gary O'Reilly to the track by Derek Ryan.

Cards On The Table. 32-count, 4-wall, Improver Dance by Maggie Gallagher to I'll Name the Dogs by Blake Shelton. 1 easy tag & 1 re-start.

Forget-Me-Not. 64-count, 4-wall Intermediate Dance by Pat Stott. 1 very easy re-start. It's to a lovely track by Ronnie Milsap: No Getting Over Me.


New Absolute Beginners Class 2017

22/9 -27/10 (part 1 - 6 weeks): Texas Stomp, California Freeze, Cowgirls Twist, One Step Forward, Blue Rose Is, Cowboy Strut, 1st Time Waltz.

10/11-8/12 (part 2 - 5 weeks): County Line, Back Track, Stroll Along Cha Cha, Hooked on County, Dreaming


December: no new dances this month, just walk throughs and re-caps of those we've already done.

November: Countryholic. Hell & High Water. + Oldie: Fields of Gold

October: Ride Away. Imagine That. + Oldie They Call Me the Breeze.

September: Roots.

August: Things. Ice Cold Corona.

July: Old & Grey. Lonely Drum + Oldies: Yolanda, A Love Worth Waiting 4

June: Angel on my Shoulder. Left In The Dark.+Oldies: Hands On My Heart, Rumba Ride.

May: Rose From The Sea. +Oldies: Ain't Goin' Down, Por Ti Sere, Jamaica Mistaka, and Side By Side.

April: Water Off a Duck's Back. Champagne Promise. + Oldie: Walking Away

March: Bored. Carnival Ride. Dans Le Tango. +Oldies: Messed Up In Memphis, Take A Breather, Woman Trouble

February: Missing.

January: American Kids. Lay Down & Dance. +Oldies: Cabo San Lucas; Loose Boots

Last updated 6 April 2018