Dances taught

Goin' Stompin' Western Dancers

Line Dancing in Sheffield & South Yorkshire


Friday classes at Frecheville Community Centre, S12 4XT

re-start on 14 Sept


Beginner classes

7pm-8pm. Only £2.

(Just turn up - no enrolment needed)


Easy / Intermediate classes

8pm-10:30pm. £3.50


Dance Nights with Bring & Share Buffet:

5 Oct - Golden Oldies

21 Dec - Christmas Party



(Sorry no beginner classes on party nights but beginners are welcome to attend)

Dances Taught

Here are the dances taught recently (with a few comments)

2018 - Beginners


Country Walkin'



Cherokee Boogie

+ revisions


Come Dance With Me

+ revisions


Cowboy Charleston

Mama's Pearls


Rock Me Mama (by Marie McLeod, 2018)

Outside In

Whiskey Bridges


Black Coffe

Easy Come, Easy Go

+ revisions


Stroll Along Cha Cha

This & That


Blue Rose Is

Ruby Ruby



Old Solders

Saloon Scissors Stomp

One Step Forward

Little Rhumba

California Freeze

2018 - Main Class


Get It Right. 32-count, 4-wall Improver dance with 1 re-start & 2 tags (sorry) by Maddison Glover (Aus) Damn!!! Lively new 48-count, 4-wall Improver dance from Rob Fowler with 2 re-starts. The music is by Brett Kissel.


Cowboy Rides Away. 64-count, 4-wall Easy Intermediate dance by Helen Owen to the George Strait track which all the live artists have in their back catalogue. + Golden Oldies: Sweet Sweet Smile (the original by Johnny Two Step & Fi Scott, not the new version!); Weekdays, Cherokee Boogie


Texas Time. 64-count, 4-wall Intermediate dance by Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax to a great new track by Keith Urban. Not an easy dance to pick up but it's proving popular, even with those who only attend 1 class per week.

Aces and Eights. 64-count, 4-wall Improver linedance by Karl-Harry Winson to Full House, Empty Heart by Derek Ryan which has more of a country feel than some of his other songs. No tags or re-start but a 'fancy ending' for those who can remember it. LOL.


People Are Good. 64-count, 2-wall Improver dance by Gary O'Reilly.It has 2 re-starts & TAG (sorry folks). Being danced elsewhere in the area and artists are starting to include it in their sets.

I Close My Eyes. 32 count, 4-wall easy linedance by Haxel Pace with 2 simple re-starts. I've chosen the full English version by Chris Norman rather than the Germen version with Nino De Angelo.


Rock Me Mama. 32 count, 4-wall easy linedance by Marie McLeod. Taught as a floor split for Wagon Wheel Rock as most of my main class don't like the established dance.

I Won't Back Down. 40-count, 4-wall easy-ish line dance by Rachel McEnaney-White in tribute to both the victims of the 2017 Las Vegas shootings & to Tom Petty who died the following day.

Whiskey Bridges. Easy warm-up dance to keep up to date with the beginners!


I Got This Too. 4-wall, Intermediate dance by Kate Sala. This dance looks to be popular wherever it has been taught so I thought I'd give it a go and it went down surprisingly well, with most liking both the dance and the music. It was published in last month's Cross Cuntry magazine so they thinks it's a country track!.

Drinking Problem. 4-wall, Improver dance by Darren Baileyn. Taught by request as it is being danced around the area but the class don't seem to impressed. Perhaps its too easy for them?

Sweet Hurt. 64-count, 4-wall, Improver dance by Ria Vos to the Jack Savoretti track.

March: (+ recap of all dances taught so far)

Stumbling In.


Goodbye For Now. All The King's Horses.


Down On Your Uppers. Cards On The Table. Forget-Me-Not.


New Absolute Beginners Class 2017 22/9 -8/12 (11 weeks):

Texas Stomp, California Freeze, Cowgirls Twist, One Step Forward, Blue Rose Is, Cowboy Strut, 1st Time Waltz. County Line, Back Track, Stroll Along Cha Cha, Hooked on County, Dreaming.


December: no new dances this month, just walk throughs and re-caps of those we've already done.

November: Countryholic. Hell & High Water. + Oldie: Fields of Gold

October: Ride Away. Imagine That. + Oldie They Call Me the Breeze.

September: Roots.

August: Things. Ice Cold Corona.

July: Old & Grey. Lonely Drum + Oldies: Yolanda, A Love Worth Waiting 4

June: Angel on my Shoulder. Left In The Dark.+Oldies: Hands On My Heart, Rumba Ride.

May: Rose From The Sea. +Oldies: Ain't Goin' Down, Por Ti Sere, Jamaica Mistaka, and Side By Side.

April: Water Off a Duck's Back. Champagne Promise. + Oldie: Walking Away

March: Bored. Carnival Ride. Dans Le Tango. +Oldies: Messed Up In Memphis, Take A Breather, Woman Trouble

February: Missing.

January: American Kids. Lay Down & Dance. +Oldies: Cabo San Lucas; Loose Boots

Last updated 27 Sept 2018