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Friday classes

 Frecheville Community Centre, Churchdale Road,

Sheffield, S12 4XT



7pm-8pm. Only £2.

(Just turn up -  no enrolment needed)


 Easy / Intermediates

 8pm-10pm. £3.50

Contact No: 0114 247 1880




Etiquette is simply being polite and courteous on the dance floor. The dance floor is for everyone - line dancers and partner dancers; beginners, intermediates and advanced dancers. We are usually told about etiquette when we first start to line dance but few instructors remind their intermediate dancers about it & DJs very rarely mention it at social events. So perhaps it’s not surprising that it sometimes get forgotten. Here is a reminder.

  The Basics.

We all know these …. Don’t we??!!!

•Never come onto the dance floor carrying food, drink, glasses or cans.

•Never stay on the floor to talk - if the music has started go off the dance floor to chat. This also applies at the end of the night - please don’t walk onto the floor just to say ’goodbye’ to your friends whilst they are dancing, wait until the dance has finished.

•Never walk though a line of dancers to cross the floor - always walk round the floor or wait.

•If the floor is crowded, take small steps, enjoy the company, but watch for collisions.

•Try and keep your lines tidy, if you can, even if it means adjusting the length of your stride.

•If possible start another line rather than join one which will block the outside lanes.

•When dancing near beginners - be mindful and courteous and don't show off.

•Don't be tempted to stop dancing to teach, especially if there is no room. Try to teach off the floor if you can't find space.

•Remember everyone was once a beginner. If you can dance do try to be helpful to newcomers.

•If you should bump into someone, it is customary to apologise whether it is your fault or not.

•Should you accidentally knock over someone's drink replace it immediately.


Do we know what to do if there are both line and partner dancers at the same event? As a partner dancer, do you know your etiquette too?

•Remember the floor is for everyone. Please leave the outside lane clear for partner dancers.

•Those dancing around the outside lane have the right of way. Don't block their progress.

•When dancing around the floor, the line of dance (LOD) is anti-clockwise. Never go against the LOD.

•Partners should keep to the outside of the dance floor and dance into the corners. Never deliberately barge into the line dancers or cut the corners.

•If joining a partner dance slot in behind the leaders. NEVER push in at the front.

•If there are 2 partner dances being done at the same time try and start them off at opposite sides of the room. If one moves faster then the others, the faster dancers should overtake on the outside. (However in practice, because the partners keep to the outside edge, the faster dancers tend to overtake on the inside simply because they have a better view of the positioning of both line & other partner dancers.)

  Leaving the Floor Free for Others.

Is this something we do? We should.

•When starting off the dance, always go to the front so that others can fall in behind you.

•Those doing the same dance should all dance together. Please don’t spread out so that a few take up the whole dance floor, as it prevents others from doing a different dance - so frustrating.

•Only start a different dance if there is plenty of room and you sense it is acceptable

•Please be aware of other dancers, where they are on the dance floor and what they are dancing. Ensure you don’t encroach on each others spaces and please note: There should never be more than one set of dancers doing the same dance; the majority rules!

  And Finally...

Keep your head up, keep smiling and enjoy yourselves!


Last updated 9 May 2019